Film Trailers That I was particularly Excited to Watch

Now I don’t consider myself to be the biggest fan of these two film franchises as I’m sure that so many people are but all the same I did get a bit of a thrill when watching both the new Star Wars and Jurassic Park trailers.

Lets start with Jurassic World. So now 22 years on from the events of Jurassic Park, the fully functioning theme park originally imagined by John Hammond is open to the public. But now 10 years down the line the number of people visiting has declined so a new ‘attraction’ is created – leading to disastrous consequences.

Now looking at the trailer, obviously the advancements in technology since the first film has been astounding and this will no doubt be a high quality film. But will the plot be strong enough to hold the audience’s interest?

This has been a mixed film series if I’m honest, with the second one (The Lost World) still being the weakest one so far and the third one showing some promise as the original but still lacking some of the thrill the original produced. So can Jurassic World recapture the brilliance of the first film?

From looking at the trailer, I get a sense that this latest one does seem like it goes back to the excitement of the original as well as adding some new tricks that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats throughout.

Meanwhile, another classic film series is making a comeback to the big screen – Star Wars! Now I actually quite enjoyed the original films in comparison to the newer ones but because The Force Awakens features the original cast I’m a little bit excited .

The trailer actually doesn’t give too much away about what to expect – which is a brilliant move to amping up the level of anticipation for fans – so why am I so eagerly awaiting this new release?

Part of it is down to the fact I wasn’t around when the original films came out and as I have said I didn’t feel that the more recent ones did the originals any justice. But I have a feeling that this one will (like the new Jurassic Park) try and recapture what made the films brilliant in the first place.

Again, the special effects will be brilliant but I secretly enjoyed the basic ones that were seen as revolutionary in the first three films. I just really hope that because the film has been so hyped up that it doesn’t let the fans down.

So that’s my thoughts on those two trailers – any films that you are excited about from seeing the trailers for?

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