Eden MacAdam-Somer is a woman of many talents as ‘My First Love Story’ proves. A list of her skills includes: composer, violinist, violist and vocalist and are combined onto this album.

Album opener ‘Fourteen Miles’ is a perfect example of the direction the album takes. Filled with variety and a Celtic feel about it, there is also a hint of unexpected about it showcasing her improvisation skills.

The problem is that occasionally it sounds as though she gets a bit too carried away with her improvisation and so the music can lose its flow slightly as it does on tracks such as ‘Phrases and Pages’ and ‘In the Morning’. The only other issue that makes this album difficult to appreciate fully is the fact that because it is so unique and different it makes it hard to warm to when you listen to it.

But the fact is that this uniqueness is also a positive, making it stand out in comparison with other albums, showing Eden MacAdam-Somer to be an adventurous and brave musician.

There are certain tracks such as ‘My First Love Story’ which combines classical with folk music to create a beautiful new sound, which shows how the two different genres can be mixed effectively.

It is an album which also knows how to have fun and spread the joy, ensuring that a smile is put on the listener’s face. ‘Jump for Joy’ is a great example of this that reveals an artist who knows when not to take herself too seriously and just have fun with her music.

However, the sharp performances throughout also suggests an artist who wants to ensure that all elements of her music are accurate and for her listeners to enjoy.

The album is filled with so many different layers and variations that it can be slightly overwhelming but powerful to listen to. Tracks such as ‘Barbara Allen’ ,’Lullaby’ and ‘Goodbye’ maybe different in tone and take different directions but showcase vibrant and interesting music.

To sum up, ‘My First Love Story’ probably won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes, but is a fascinating experiment that reveals an interesting and vibrant musician.

MacAdam-Somer COVER

My First Love Story will be released through A-Side Records on the 23rd June. 


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