Preview: Art in Dialogue: Duccio – Caro Display @ The National Gallery

This new display at the The National Gallery will bring two pieces of art that were made 700 years apart to continue to inspire artists and to invite compare and contrast between the artwork.

The two pieces in this particular display are the Annunciation by the Sienese  painter Duccio and Duccio Variations by one of the best known British sculptors of his generation: Sir Anthony Caro.

As these pieces have never been on display together before, it is an opportunity for visitors to see how each piece can change their perception of the other.

It is a display that will be taking place during the second anniversary of Caro’s death and while it has the support of his family as a whole, it was a project close to the heart of his wife painter Sheila Girling, who died earlier this year.

Duccio: The Annunciation, 1307/8-11 Egg tempera on wood 44.5 x 45.8 cm The National Gallery, London© The National Gallery, London

In a statement about the new display, the Caro family said: “The National Gallery was a place of special inspiration for Sir Anthony Caro and his wife Sheila Girling. We are absolutely delighted that the National Gallery is showing his sculpture Duccio Variations No.3 in a pairing with Duccio’s Annunciation.”

Meanwhile Nicholas Penny, Director of the National Gallery commented: “Anthony Caro’s sculpture juxtaposed with Duccio’s painting has the curious and exciting effect of altering our understanding of both artists. Caro takes something from Duccio and gives it back.”

Both pieces can be seen at the National Gallery from the 13th June until the 8th November. 

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