Struggling to figure out what to see and do in London over the next few days or even weeks? Well then it’s just as well I’m around to help! So settle down and read my top tips on the best things to take a look at (in no particular order of course…):

1. Carsten Holler: Decision, Hayward Gallery: now if you like your art exhibitions to involve you a little bit more then you ought to try this one out. I personally didn’t didn’t understand what it was all about but some of you may enjoy the Alice in Wonderland type quirkiness about it. Including slides, mazes and all other manner of installations designed to play with your mind – it does seem like a fair at times!

2. Shoes: Pleasure & Pain, Victoria and Albert Museum: at the risk of sounding sexist, this is definitely an exhibition for the girls with plenty of dazzling shoes that will delight and fascinate, becoming works of art as you go around this exhibition. Complements the Alexander McQueen exhibition well.

3. Fighting History, Tate Britain: I realise that some critics didn’t rate this exhibition highly, but I really loved the idea that art is a different form of historical record for major moments in history. Yes there are some pieces that do feel a bit out of place but it is still a great example of how traditional art complements well with contemporary art.

4. The Woman in Black, Fortune Theatre: one of the scariest shows in London, it is a production that really gets your heart racing and thrives on keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. Much better than the film and a great adaptation of Susan Hill’s book.

5. High Society, Old Vic Theatre: a bubbly and light hearted production that will leave you with a smile on your face. A very clever production that makes you feel as though you are part of the party! Simply brilliant!

So those are my top five tips for this week – I will definitely do another post next week so keep an eye out!


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