Double Celebration for The Agatha Christie Company

The Agatha Christie Company have got some celebrating to do it seems. Not only is 2015 the 125th anniversary of the celebrated crime author’s birth but also the 10th anniversary for the company set up in her name.

So in order to mark these two special events, The Agatha Christie company have been touring the UK with a production of And Then There Were None since the beginning of the year.

Featuring an all star cast including  Neil Stacy, Deborah Grant, Mark Wynter, Kezia Burrows, Colin Buchanan, Mark Curry, Ben Nealon and Eric Carte, the production is filled with classic elements that fans of her books and even television adaptations have come to know and love.

A group of ten strangers are brought together on a remote island in Devon. But when they arrive, they discover that their host (an eccentric millionaire) is missing. Over dinner, a recorded message is played – accusing each of the guests of having a guilty secret – and by the end of the evening 10 become 9.

Stranded by a storm and haunted by a nursery rhyme, one by one the guests begin to die – who amongst them is the killer?

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(Pamela Raith Photography)

It is the world’s best selling mystery ever, with 100 million sales to date and is widely considered to be Christie’s masterpiece.  This is also her stage adaptation – guaranteeing authenticity and the ability to thrill and hold your attention.

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(Pamela Raith Photography)

While we are on the topic of And Then There Were None, it should also be noted that the BBC are currently filming an adaptation starring Aidan Turner (Poldark, The Hobbit films) which will be shown over three episodes later this year.

The stage adaptation will arrive at the New Victoria Theatre from the 1st to the 5th September.

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