Why Grease is Still the Word!

I absolutely adore anything to do with the 1950’s era whether it is the clothes, the music or even the films it is the era I would like to explore if I had a time machine. Of course I’m aware that I’m looking at the 50’s with rose-tinted glasses on but I want to explain part of the reason why I love Grease so much as a musical.

Grease is a musical that everyone must have seen at least once – regardless of whether they enjoyed it or not. Everyone who has seen it can probably identify with one of the characters and see themselves as one of the characters as well – whether you see yourself as a Rizzo, Frenchy, Sandy, Danny or a Kenickie.

For me, the songs are so catchy and memorable from the bold  ‘Greased Lightnin’ to the wistful ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ there is a song that will be a favourite with everyone who watches it.

Some might find the humour slightly dated, but I genuinely love it and appeals to my sense of humour – the goofiness of the characters, the thinly veiled innuendos all of it working together to make a genuinely fun musical and film.

Of course most of the actors and actresses playing the lead roles had already graduated from school but the over the top characterisation (particularly with the T-Birds) actually works pretty well adding more humour to the plot.

For me though, the corniest part (and for some reason just doesn’t quite work for me) is the beginning part as we are introduced to Sandy and Danny on the beach – the over the top music and some of the lines just don’t fit in with the rest of the film and stands out in a peculiar way. I get we had to have a background scene before they meet at Rydell High but I feel that this scene just doesn’t feel natural enough to be believable.

However, that is really the only bit of the film that ever so slightly annoys me, while the rest of the film is fun, joyful and filled with memorable characters that will definitely put a smile on your face. I definitely wish I could have gone to Rydell High and been a part of the Pink Ladies when I was growing up!

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