Victoria and Albert Museum Announces Botticelli Reimagined Exhibition

The Victoria and Albert Museum have today announced a major exhibition exploring the ways in which artists have responded to the legacy of Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510). Taking place at the museum from the 5th March to the 3rd July 2016, Botticelli Reimagined¬†will bring together 150 works from all around the world. Recognised as one of… Read More

British Museum Announces New Egypt Exhibition

The British Museum has today announced a brand new exhibition that will look at the history of post-pharaonic Egypt. This will be the first international exhibition that will examine 1,200 years worth of Egyptian history, revealing the transition from a majority of Christian population to Muslim as well as communities of ¬†Jews also thriving. Titled… Read More

My Favourite Musicals That I Have Seen Live

Now while I haven’t seen all the big musicals that I have wanted to see just yet, I have still managed to see ones that I would be happy to see over and over again. This is a list of my top five musicals that I have seen and loved in front of my very… Read More