British Museum Announces New Egypt Exhibition

The British Museum has today announced a brand new exhibition that will look at the history of post-pharaonic Egypt. This will be the first international exhibition that will examine 1,200 years worth of Egyptian history, revealing the transition from a majority of Christian population to Muslim as well as communities of  Jews also thriving.

Titled Egypt: Faith After the Pharaohs , the display will feature around 200 different objects showing how Christian, Islamic and Jewish communities interpreted Egypt’s past  and how they interacted with each other.

Basalt bust of Germanicus. Roman, about AD 14-20. Probably made in Egypt. GR 1872.6-5.1 (Sculpture 1883)

The exhibition will begin in 30 BC, following the death of Cleopatra and Mark Antony and when Egypt became a part of the Roman Empire, continuing through until AD 1171 as the rule of the Islamic Fatimid Dynasty came to an end.

There will be a huge range of different material on display for visitors to view and explore in this unique exhibition. Whether it is texts or sculpture, the objects chosen reveal the country’s wider role in the wider region as well as the relationships between faith communities and of course the legacy of Ancient Egypt.

But Faith After the Pharaohs will also demonstrate how the landscape of Egypt changed over the years as monuments were destroyed or adapted and reused.

It is a collaboration between the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the British Museum, featuring many loans and objects from a lot of the departments at the British Museum. The exhibition will tell the story of  how a traditional society made the transition from worshipping many gods to a society which was devoted to one god.

Egypt: Faith After the Pharaohs opens at the British Museum from the 29th October and will be on display until the 7th February 2016. 

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