This latest album by Dan Trudell was created in order to remind people of piano playing skills and in this respect the record is certainly successful.

There is a wonderful delicateness to his performances, particularly on tracks such as ‘Soulville’ and ‘A Woman’s Worth’ that is exquisite to listen to. All of the songs seem to have had great thought put into them and none seem to overpower each other, instead they complement each other well.

Album opener ‘Isn’t she Lovely?’ sets the record up nicely, with its charming and elegant sounds that are wonderfully creative and easy to enjoy. But at the same time it is straight to the point, with no room for messing around!

This is a recurring theme throughout and all of the tracks are filled with plenty of variation but are relatively subtle in comparison to other similar albums that I have listened to recently. Tracks such as ‘McCoy for Now’ is pacey and smooth but combines a variety of different sounds to create something that is traditional but has a modern twist to it that is pleasing to listen to.

The album has plenty to offer, but at times it can come across as a bit self indulgent at times and some listeners might tune out occasionally – such as on ‘Jones’in’ which although keeps the cheeky and playful edge to the album, it also feels a bit drawn out.

Throughout the album the performances are very controlled despite their playfulness and underneath the fun is a sense of how seriously Trudell takes his music.

Overall, it is an imaginative and thoughtful album that takes the listener in many different directions and is full of surprises that makes it a real joy to listen to. All of the tracks are equally strong and really showcases the talent that is Dan Trudell well.


The album will be released on September the 15th. 


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