Now I should have probably written this post a few weeks ago but I wasn’t sure if I would get a chance to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Open Air Theatre properly – but sadly I didn’t.

I originally made it to Regent’s Park on a typical British Summer’s day (yes that’s right it was raining) – praying and hoping that the rain wasn’t going to upgrade from light drizzle to torrential downpour and for a time it seemed like my prayers were listened to.

I joined my fellow London Theatre Bloggers for a bit of treat before the show began: a tour of the set of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


The set was truly impressive – with an added bonus of being able to be moved backwards and forwards automatically, allowing for more space as and when required (presumably for the typically energetic dance routines in musicals). It really had a great atmosphere and made you feel as though you were out in the desert – helped by that wonderful woody smell surrounding us, getting us in the mood for the performance ahead.


By the time we were coming off the stage it was beginning to rain but still at that point it was clear that the performance would still be able to continue even though it was lightly drizzling.

As we settled into our seats for the first act, me cocooned in my poncho (which was big enough on me that it really kept me snug and dry), the rain didn’t bother me or anyone around me all focusing on what we were about to see.

Now as I didn’t manage to get to see the entire performance, it would be extremely unfair for me to judge on what the show was like based on the thirty minutes or so that I did manage to see. But what I will say is that it was shaping up to be a really fun and joyful evening, making me even more disappointed when the decision was made to cancel the performance.

I completely understand why they felt they had to make the decision that they did – the stage was looking extremely slippery and it wouldn’t have been safe for any of the cast to have continued with the performance.

Has my experience put me off from going to the Open Air Theatre again? No actually – it has had the opposite effect and I will definitely try again soon because it seems a lovely setting to watch theatre.

(this is for a performance that I attempted to see on the 11th August)


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