Tate Britain has announced a new exhibition as part of the ongoing Art Now series. Titled Vanilla and Concrete , the display will bring together new and recent work by Marie Lund, Rallou Panagiotou and Mary Ramsden that looks at everyday objects, spaces and gestures.

Each of the artists involved in the display will give new form and status to materials that are normally considered to be trivial as well as incidental moments. All of the works are based on memory and observations of the contemporary world that bring out connections between individual and cultural identity.

Rallou Panagiotou My Toe 2010.© Rallou Panagiotou. 

Art Now is a series of free exhibitions that focus on on new and recent work by emerging artists. The series has recently included the group exhibition The Weight of Data and Ruth Ewan and Astrid Johnston’s ongoing sound project The Darks.

Marie Lund is inspired by the human impact on common spaces and objects, turning ordinary items to art by changing the way in which they are perceived. Meanwhile, Rallou Panagiotou is interested in life’s non essential luxury items and how they define and express the individual within a wider cultural context. Finally, Mary Ramsden’s paintings explore how painting operates in a digital world.

Art Now: Vanilla and Concrete is free to the public when it opens on the 9th November and will be on display until the 19th June 2016. 


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