PREVIEW: London: Ancient and Modern by Hugh Beattie @Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

Artist Hugh Beattie’s latest exhibition London: Ancient and Modern will bring together 30 pieces of new work that show new views of London that visitors will never have seen before. Each piece will mark a nice contrast between London’s ancient heritage mixed with the modern architecture that features glass.

Since the year 2000, approximately 70% of the city of London’s buildings have been created and through Beattie’s work visitors can see how closely early Medieval buildings share the landscape with more modernist architecture.

Hugh Beattie, St Paul’s v One New Change. Image courtesy of Hugh Beattie.

In order to create the canvases, Beattie would take solitary early morning walks to discover hidden parts of London and to examine why monuments are so special but also why they are also so vulnerable.

He then focuses on specific and isolated parts of the architecture that are normally ignored by the public, encouraging people to look at contemporary London in a different light, yet at the same time asking how we can protect the city’s architectural treasures.

Hugh Beattie, Globe v Tate Modern. Image courtesy of artist.

Art Historian Ayla Lepine commented: ” His paintings form a sophisticated argument that London’s history truly is a shared endeavour, ours to protect and – sadly too often – ours to destroy.”

London: Ancient and Modern will take place at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery from the 30th November to the 5th December. 

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