REVIEW: Cabaret of the Century, Finger in the Pie @ Century Members Club

Set in the exclusive setting of Century Member’s Club, Finger in the Pie Cabaret provided a great night of entertainment that was all based around the year 1999.

Cabaret of the Century takes a year from the 20th century and presents an evening that is filled with comedy, music and a few film references that ensures that there is something for everybody to get nostalgic about.

Hosting the evening was Michael Twaits whose brand of humour is certain to get everybody laughing and interacting with the audience on plenty of occasions, making them feel as important as anybody else in the show.

Sarah Bodalbhai was alongside him, providing the live performances on piano and a very comical attitude throughout that works well alongside Twaits dry sense of humour.


First up on stage was comedian Lawrence Owen, who focused on the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace (which as we all know was memorable for all the wrong reasons) but at the same time making the very valid point that just because something sounds like a great idea at first doesn’t mean that it should happen. Owen is a subtle performer and this is a great way of grabbing the audience’s attention. However, it was slightly awkward as he was reading off a sheet of paper, so not maintaining eye contact with the audience on a regular basis.

But on the other hand it was interesting to see 90’s pop star Kavana and listen to a special version of ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ – which makes it incredible that considering his vocal talents his career perhaps didn’t take off as well as it could have done.

Sadly, the third act Miss Cairo was taken ill , but Twaits proved that this shouldn’t matter to the audience, providing so much material that the show almost overran slightly.

There was a great atmosphere throughout the show and it was clear that the audience was having a great time. But it is difficult to see the point of having three intervals as it interrupted the flow of the show just as the audience are relaxing from the previous interval.

However it was a fantastic night of entertainment that really highlights how wonderful cabaret shows can be.

Cabaret of the Century will return in the New Year with a show all about the year 1972! 

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