Returning once more for a London season, La Soiree is a sexy, mesmerising and occasionally disturbing show that captures a wide variety of talents in one performance.

Opening this show was the amazing vocal talents of Miss Frisky, whose voice certainly sends shivers down the audience’s spine thanks to the amazing range and depth to her voice that is rarely heard in a live performance and is certainly a perfect way to get the party started in the Spiegeltent.

But even at this early stage, she is nearly upstaged by the fabulous Mario Queen of the Circus whose skills as both as a performer and comedian work in perfect harmony throughout his act. Using the songs of rock band Queen as a starting point his novel way of bringing juggling and hula hooping into an act that is both hilarious and talented is extraordinary.


There are moments which feel awkward and slow the pace of the show down slightly, such as Mooky Cornish’s act – which although funny does take a while to get into and doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the show. The same problem exists for Melanie Chy’s act, although she is extremely talented the audience seemed to be a bit flat during her performance as if they were expecting more from her.

But the majority of the time, there is plenty to enjoy and delight audiences – even disturb in the case of Captain Frodo’s act which sees him contorting his body through not one but two tennis racquets that is painful to witness but somehow the audience can’t take their eyes off what he is doing.

There are plenty of highlights but a couple of the key performances to keep a look out for include The English Gents (who you may remember from the 2013 Royal Variety show), whose strength will amaze you from beginning to end and Yammel Rodriguez who perhaps lacks a bit of personality in her performance but her incredible routine using one strap while in a pair of high heels is spellbinding from beginning to end.

As you would expect with La Soiree, the show moves elegantly from act to act with ease and no hesitation that certainly provides an entertaining evening out.

Set in the circus-like Spiegeltent, this certainly feels like a night out to the circus for adults and judging by the level of applause at the end of the show, leaves the audience wanting more.

La Soiree once again succeeds on bringing a sexy, mesmerising production to London that showcases a wide variety of talent that makes the audience gasp in delight and thrill them from beginning to end.

La Soiree is on at the Spiegeltent until the 17th January. To book tickets visit: the Southbank Centre  , Discount , Last  and Love .