Following the relaunch of Hoxton Hall recently, audiences and visitors to the hall are invited to take part in an adventure of the Victorian Music Hall, undertaking in a personal journey to uncover the hall’s history.

Designed by artist Hannah Bruce, this interactive installation is activated by a groundbreaking app that takes users on a unique tour around the building, combining historical treasures with a 21st century approach.

A Collection of Small Choices was commissioned by Hoxton Hall and draws upon the characters, objects and music that is contained in the building’s archive, offering visitors a unique perspective to discovering the building’s history.


Directed by Hannah Bruce, written by Matthew Morrison and sound by Jonathan Eato,A Collection of Small Choices challenges the conceptions of many conventional heritage tours, encouraging visitors to explore Hoxton Hall guided by fictionalised characters inspired by the archive.

By using the simple aid of of a smart phone or tablet, audiences of just one person at a time will undergo a multi-sensory journey that brings fragments of the music hall’s 150 year history to life.

Hannah Bruce and company have been creating site-responsive theatre that uses everyday technology since 2005, transforming what is considered to be traditional experiences into something extraordinary through their TIoT App to create memorable promenade performances.

The company work across light, sound and architecture to create atmospheric performances that are inspired by venues such as Shoreditch Town Hall and National Trust properties.

This new project at Hoxton Hall is also a way to celebrate its recent reopening following its £2 million restoration project, that was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund in a project that has helped to increase the venue’s capacity and technical capabilities.

Talking about A Collection of small Choices, Hannah Bruce said: “After spending time in this extraordinary building, and being given free reign of the archives, we’ve come to appreciate Hoxton Hall’s impact on so many lives. Huma stories are often burried in bricks and mortar, and Hoxton Hall’s history is full of struggle as well as triumph.”

A Collection of Small Choices is available to take part in now until September 2017 at Hoxton Hall. Entry is free. For more information visit: