REVIEW: Cycle Revolution, Design Museum

Since the London 2012 Olympic Games, cycling seems to have grown in popularity and more people are taking to riding their bicycles to support their health and the environment.

This new exhibition at the Design Museum, explores how cycling has developed and changed over the years as well as its rise and fall in popularity.


Surrounded by bicycles and a number of other cycling related items, this is the perfect exhibition for anyone who is enthusiastic about cycling or for those even with a general interest.

Taking visitors through a variety types of cycling from competing in the Olympics, BMX racing as well as suburban riding it is an extremely fascinating display that has plenty of detail to capture and hold interest from beginning to end.

Throughout there is the constant examination of how design has helped those riding the bicycles to do so to their best ability.  There is certainly a sense of energy and enthusiasm that runs through Cycle Revolution  , despite the sense of repetitiveness about the display as well.

It feels relatively repetitive because it explores the same issues in each section but at the same time attempts to give it a new perspective each time – yet it doesn’t always pay off.

As expected of the Design Museum, there are plenty of interactive features such as films with renowned cyclists talking about why they love cycling so much and how important it is. It can come across as quite preachy in places but at the same time it does reawaken interest in cycling as a whole and adds another layer of understanding to the exhibition.


But it also shows how cycling is adapting to the needs of individuals living in today’s society – whether they are disabled (see the bicycle above) or whether they are concerned with the environment as seen in the section looking at the future of cycling.

It is an in-depth and focused exhibition that showcases what the Design Museum does best: the importance of design in so many different elements of our day to day lives.  Yes it feels a bit one dimensional and repetitive in places but this shouldn’t discourage you to get on your bike and visit this exhibition.



Cycle Revolution opens to the public from the 18th November and is on display until the 30th June 2016. 







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