These little yellow and funny looking creatures star in their own film, which sees them trying to find an evil master for them to serve. 

If you are looking for a simple and entertaining film that will appeal to children and those with a childish sense of humour then look no further. This film has plenty to make you smile about.

Bob, Kevin and Stuart have been selected to find the most evil mastermind for them and the rest of their minion clan to work for and soon meet their next master Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). The three of them soon find themselves facing the biggest ordeal of their lives – to save the minions from destruction.

There is lots to enjoy about the film – even if some of the jokes and the direction the film takes is slightly predictable and it is difficult not to cheer the minions on their quest.

But the trouble is that many of the sequences feel more like snapshots of potential cartoon episodes rather than a coherent plot line. This is particularly evident in the opening sequence when the narrator (Geoffrey Rush) explains the trouble the minions have had keeping a master. There just doesn’t feel like there was enough control on the direction of the film and the film makers just threw everything into one film without thinking about the consequences.

However, on the upside all the characters that the minions meet along the way are all so memorable and individual that you can’t help but forgive some of the plot holes (which probably won’t affect children’s enjoyment of the film anyway) that takes audiences on an entertaining journey.

Jennifer Saunders as the Queen in particular has some memorable moments – not least the image of the Queen downing a pint in a pub – providing a more feisty image of the Queen that we aren’t used to seeing.

There are some genuine heartwarming moments amongst all of the fun and it will certainly delight as easy entertainment.

It is filled with plenty of action to keep the children entertained, making this a certain film to be added to their Christmas wish list. But at the same time, it feels as though the minions would have been better off having their own television series: twenty minute episodes that focuses on their escapades without worrying about which direction it should go in next.

Minions is out on DVD now and can be bought on Amazon


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