Award-winning photographer Gillian Hyland will displaying six new pieces of work as part of the Flux exhibition taking place at the Royal College of Art from the 11th to the 14th December 2015 it has been announced.

(C)Gillian Hyland. 

Originally from Ireland, Hyland first started out in publishing where she worked as a fashion editor and feature fashion journalist for U magazine. While there her passion for creating images grew. She released her first photography series ‘Words in Sight’ in 2014 and has since won several awards and been exhibited all over the world.

The six images to be displayed as part of this new exhibition at the Royal College of Art are taken from her ‘Words in Sight’ series.

Hyland has won several awards for her photography, most recently The Ward Thomas Award at the National Open Art Competition. Her photographs have been exhibited across the US, India, Italy and Russia.

ImageProxy (1)
(C) Gillian Hyland. 

Gillian Hyland’s images recall film noir cinema, while she seduces the visitor with the story that she tells through the careful composition of the photograph.

Talking about her photography, Hyland said: “For me, it’s the intention that lies beneath it that is truly worthwhile. I’m drawn to the thinking mind behind the face, the subjects eyes holding a story in their gaze, that is what I aim to capture through my photographs.”

Hyland is one of a hundred artists who have been selected by curator Lisa Gray for the new contemporary art exhibition Flux, on display from the 11th to the 14th December 2015.

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