Victoria Miro Gallery to Present Exhibition on Chantal Joffe

The Victoria Miro Gallery is to present an exhibition of new work by Chantal Joffe from the 22nd January to the 24th March 2016. 

Chantal Joffe, Robert, Harriet and Elizabeth 2015. 

In these new works, Joffe features writers alongside friends and family members. By practising painting and drawing as the loving collection of subjects, Joffe prompts a re-evaluation of notions of self-disclosure and intimacy in the making of the work.

The artist has painted the writers from photographs that have been reproduced in biographies, showing respect and handling it with the ardour of an avid reader.

The display will feature a group of pastels titled ‘Family Pictures’ that see Joffe describing the mesmeric and physical, arm-straining experience of their making, the thickly applied chalk accumulating with a dusty, luminous purity.

Chantal Joffe lives and works in London and has has work exhibited all over the world – including a recent display at the National Portrait Gallery  , the Jewish Museum in New York and the Saatchi Gallery.

Chantel Joffe’s work will be on display at the Victoria Miro Gallery from the 22nd January to the 24th March. 

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