DVD Review: Frozen

This hugely popular Disney film looks at the warmly affectionate bond between sisters and feels like a coming of age film for Disney.

It has to be said that Disney is moving with the times when it comes to a modern princess and the first step in that direction is the creation of Anna and Elsa – two princesses who handle things their own way.

Young girls are fascinated with Frozen, thanks to the magic animation, playful characters in the shape of Olaf and Sven and of course a certain song that has been sung as an anthem by little girls and to (what this author imagines) parents despair.

For those who have not managed to see it, Frozen tells the story of Elsa and her powers which turn everything to ice that seem to grow worse over time and in turn affects her relationship with her sister Anna. But one day, Elsa is forced to leave the kingdom ashamed of her powers and Anna sets off to find her with the help of Kristoff, Olaf and Sven.

The quality of animation is of particular high quality, particularly during the ‘Let it Go’ sequence that sees Else create her very own ice castle and is easy to see why children have fallen in love with the song and the character Elsa.

Despite the loss of the hand drawn images that Disney is well known for, it is still a classic Disney film in a lot of ways. The adorable characters Olaf and Sven are sweet and provide plenty of the sense of humour that Disney is well known for.

But this film still feels as though it is lacking the same soul and even occasionally emotional connection that other Disney films have. There aren’t enough scenes between Elsa and Anna at the beginning  to convince fully of their closeness.

Yet despite this it isn’t hard to see why Frozen has so many fans. It is filled with lots of fun, laughter and characters that are endearing from beginning to end.

The character development is certainly more detailed than early Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Cinderella and so it is easier to identify and sympathise with them.

Overall, it has charm and plenty of fun and adventure that won’t fail to win new audiences over.

Frozen is available to buy on Amazon


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