One of sports biggest scandals is brought vividly to life in the film The Progra, which arrives on Blu Ray and DVD on the 15th February.

Inspired by the book Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh, The Program tells the story of how Lance Armstrong, one of cycling’s success stories was actually one of its biggest cheats and reveals how he was able to get away with it for so long.

Directed by Academy Award nominated Stephen Frears and starring Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) as Armstrong, the film reveals how Armstrong enjoyed being at the top of his sport while at the same time led the way in the most sophisticated doping programme that the sport had ever seen.

The cast also features Chris O’Dowd as Sunday Times journalist David Walsh who was unconvinced by Armstrong’s return to form and set about investigating the man behind the legend, Guillaume Canet (Tell No One, Last Night), Jesse Plemons and Dustin Hoffman.

This is what some of the critics had to say about the film:

The Guardian: **** Catherine Shoard wrote: “it’s a fluid and nippy telling of a tale that still seems strangely urgent.”

Time Out: **** Dave Calhoun commented: “offers no obvious new revelations and Armstrong remains elusive – but it has an unsettling air that carries us through its more pedestrian patches.”

The Telegraph: *** Tim Robey found: “The actor is eerily brilliant as Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears’s otherwise unfocused doping drama.”

Empire: ****Nev Pierce said: ” the tour-de-force of the Tour de France tragedy is Foster, who is mesmeric, frighteningly committed and uncannily like Armstrong.”

The Program is available on DVD and Blu Ray from the 15th February. To pre-order visit Amazon


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