The physical theatre company bring their acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe show to London which looks at our attitude towards food throughout history. 

Feast by Clout Theatre credit Richard Davenport (4)
Feast by Clout Theatre. Photographer credit: Richard Davenport. 

Clout Theatre  will be delivering their history on food from the 2nd to the 6th February at the Battersea Arts Centre, serving it in three chapters: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is a wordless and at times grotesque show that uses physical theatre, clowning and multimedia to delve into exposing consumerism and all its excesses.

This is the most extreme piece of theatre that Clout has created and it draws upon research and influences that vary from the films of Peter Greenaway to the Turkey communist hunger strikes that reveal our many different relationships with food.

Director Mine Cerci explained: ” This is a show that indulges in needless excess. That is what humans do. We are interested in how we build our own prison, whether that is environmental destruction through over farming, health obsession or obesity.”

Clout Theatre’s previous shows include The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity (which will be staged at this year’s Vault Festival) and How a Man Crumbled. The company live and work in Istanbul and London, they specialise in creating theatre with a unique twist, with their shows blending violence with absurdist humour to deal with the ridiculous and the sublime.

The cast for this production includes: Adrian Charles, Sacha Plaige and Jennifer Swingler. Feast includes sets and costumes designed by Naomi Kuyck-Cohen, as well as lighting, sound and video design by Erik Perera.

Feast will appear at the Battersea Arts Centre from the 2nd to the 6th February. For more information visit: .