The Faction Announces ‘Transformations’ Series at Wilton’s Music Hall

Theatre company The Faction have announced a series of dates at Wilton’s Music Hall to present ‘Transformations’ – three solo adaptations of the work of Cervantes, Goethe and Kafka. 


Transformations_TheFaction (3)

Running from the 12th to the 15th January, the three pieces will be directed and produced by Rachel Valentine Smith and Mark Leipacher.

Audiences coming to see the performances can expect the three classic stories transformed into refreshing and contemporary pieces of theatre thanks to the new adaptions created by emerging playwright Gareth Jandrell.

The three pieces to be performed are:

Dialogue of the Dogs (Cervantes) : performed by Natasha Rickman, this piece looks at what if dogs had more to say than ‘woof’ or ‘grr’. What if they also had desires, secrets and dreams? What if we could hear them?

Faust (Goethe): Christopher Hughes is to perform this piece which looks at what makes a man good. How can you tell if he is a saint or a sinner? When you look closely it all becomes clear…

The Metamorphosis (Kafka): Tom Radford plays Gregor who is a salesman and wakes up like he does everyday. But his back is a dome and his little legs are small and swinging madly – what can he do?

The Faction are a company which explores classic texts and reimagines them in a contemporary style to engage audiences and are currently at the New Diorama Theatre with their interpretation of Richard III.

Transformations will be performed at Wilton’s Music Hall from the 12th to the 15th January. Tickets cost between £10 – £12.50, with concessions costing £7.50. 

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