The band have released the follow up to the 2013 album If You Leave – but how have critics reacted to it? 

The Guardian: **** Kitty Empire wrote: “Not to Disappear adds strong new strings to Daughter’s bow.”

Pop Matters: Ethan King commented: “the record beautifully distills what it means to be human and to experience pain, but with far greater nuance and maturity than their debut.”

NME: **** Rhian Daly said: “There’s a fresh, subtle aggression to the music in places.”

Rolling Stone: ** (and a half!) Amy Rose summed it up saying: “Not to Disappear makes good company for the miserable.”

The Evening Standard: *** Richard Godwin found that the: “overall impression is of a band content to wallow, without reaching out for true catharsis.”

All *** (and a half!) Marcy Donelson said: “Altogether elegant, moving, and often beautiful, Not to Disappear leaves Daughter, without question, on the heavier side of the emotional spectrum.”

For Folks Sake: Joseph Merriman found that the album is: “full of different sounds, emotions and melodies and I would heavily recommend it.”

Music OMH: **** John murphy commented: ” Despite the dark emotions on display, Not To Disappear is the sort of album that can sound oddly comforting.”

Not to Disappear is available to buy from Amazon now. 



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