To celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic released in 1946, Penguin have announced the launch of 46 new titles into the Little Black Classics series in March. 


Since launching in February 2015, the Little Black Classics series has gone on to sell 2.2 million copies worldwide and now 46 more books will be included in the collection.

The new additions to the collection will feature more texts from some of the most loved authors such as Tolstoy, Dickens and Shakespeare as well as introducing new and lesser recognised texts to readers.

The new list includes works by pioneering female authors such as How to be a Medieval Woman by Margery Kempe, one of the earliest English novels, Oroonoko, by spy and traveller Aphra Behn; and The Suffragettes, a new collection of speeches, pamphlets and letters from the women who changed the world.

Horror stories also feature heavily in the list this time around, thanks to the popularity that they generated last year. Additions to the collection will include Sheridan Le Fanu’s Green Tea and E.T.A Hoffmann’s The Sandman. 

Meanwhile readers should also look out for Jane Austen’s early novella Lady Susan (the basis for upcoming film Love and Friendship) and stories and poems from the notorious Victorian magazine The Yellow Book. 

Many of the texts selected for inclusion will aim to allow readers to explore previously unfamiliar works written by a wide range of authors.

The Little Black Classics aim to celebrate some of the best literature ever written as well as to delight, surprise and provoke readers.



The new additions to Little Black Classics will be available and download from the 3rd March but others in the collection are available to buy now from Amazon.


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