US actor and composer Chris Lemmon is premiere his autobiographical play Twist of Lemmon  at St James Studio from June it has been announced. 

Jack Lemnmon with his son Chris.jpg

Celebrating the life of his father, the memorable Jack Lemmon, Chris Lemmon becomes his father and friends in a piece that shares stories and music that brought them together when it seemed things were falling apart.

Directed by Hugh Wooldridge, Twist of Lemmon is essentially a father and son tale set during the golden era of Hollywood.

“Growing up the one question I was asked more than any other was what is it like to be Jack Lemmon’s son. My father was one of the world’s most beloved actors. What people don’t know, however, is that he played the piano, really quite well, and that being a musician was his dream. But acting… that was his passion, and the whole world adored him for it. So what was it like being this guy’s son? And whether it be genetics, or just the way of the world, are you born with the same dreams and aspirations? How do you follow in the footsteps of a giant. Especially when that giant is your dad?… For me it began by trying to understand, not only who he was to me… but really who I was to him…”

Told through the voice of his father, Chris Lemmon examines the relationship that he had with his father, bringing to life a very personal tale.

The production, running for a limited three week season at St James Studio, will feature some of the greatest music of the era as well as a number of personal compositions while delivering a heart-breaking and heart-warming story.

A Twist of Lemmon will appear at St James Studio from the 1st June to the 18th June. To book tickets visit:




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