Review Roundup…Performing For the Camera @Tate Modern

This latest exhibition to open at Tate Modern, concentrates on how photography is used to capture performance – but is it as effective as its subject matter? 

Masahisa Fukase, From Window, 1974. (C) Masakisa Fukase Archives. Courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery. 

Love London Love Culture: ” Deeply fascinating and engaging.”

The Guardian: **** Adrian Searle wrote: “There is a great deal of humour and inadvertently stupid self-aggrandisement in Performing for the Camera, but there is also much that is poignant, touching, confrontational, painful and joyful.”

The Telegraph: *** Mark Hudson commented: “While it struggles to find an overarching message, it’s the strength and detail in these often obscure stories that keep us absorbed.”

Evening Standard: **** Ben Luke said: “It’s not an immediately hard-hitting show, but it succeeds in enriching our understanding of both the disciplines it reflects.”

Art Net News: Lorena Munoz-Alonso found: “It’s beautiful, thought-provoking, funny, and life affirming.”

Time Out: *** Matt Breen thought: “As we move from room to room, and one theme cross-fades into another – gesture, politics, identity, self-promotion – the premise of the exhibition starts to buckle under the sheer weight of the work on display.”

Overall verdict: a great display with a sense of humour and attention to detail – but can become bogged down with the amount of work selected for the exhibition. 

Performing for the Camera is on display to the public until the 12th June 2016. 

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