Book Review: What Would Audrey Do? By Pamela Keogh

Filled with information about the actress’s life and quotes, this is a self-help guide with a difference… even if it is written over casually. 

Audrey Hepburn. A name who is still inspiring women around the world for her grace, elegance and outlook of the world – but what could we learn from her about the way we could and should live our lives?

Pamela Keogh explores this in What Would Audrey Do? Timeless Lesson for Living with Grace and Style , a book that is very much divided into to two halves: a biography of her life and tips on how to become more like her in our everyday lives.

Split into sections that deal with all aspects of our lives, even for those who know a lot about Audrey Hepburn, there is still yet more to be learnt about her off screen and how she dealt with various issues off screen.

What Keogh does well with this book, is bring the reader ever more closer to understanding of Hepburn’s life by using the actress’s own words and those who were closest to her to bring us closer to her as a person – unlike many other biographies which merely relate details without giving readers a true indication of her personality.

No aspect of her life is left uncovered and at the same time, Keogh offers readers tips on how we can all add a bit more Audrey to our lives. This is where perhaps the book is slightly weak – there is no doubting the strength of the advice but rather the way in which it is delivered so casually and off-hand that it can be difficult to take seriously in places.

The other problem is that it has a very American feel about it – lots of references to American brands that some more international readers may struggle with that it feels more of a guide if you are American rather than having a more international appeal.

However, Keogh has clearly done her research – using references from interviews with Audrey that have never been used before and plenty of new information from those closest to her (not very intimate information – but details that add to understanding of her) to create a refreshing look at an actress who has had plenty said and written about her over the years.

For those who want to change their outlook on life but not in a patronising way, then you need to check out this book because Audrey Hepburn has plenty of advice that she can share with us now thanks to Pamela Keogh.

What Would Audrey Do? is available to buy and download from Amazon now. 

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