The next exhibition to open at the Royal Academy of Arts will focus on the Venetian Renaissance during the first decade of the sixteenth century.

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Giorgione,Il Tramonto (The Sunset), The National Gallery, London. (C) The National Gallery, London. 

Opening at the Academy next month, this exhibition will examine the Venetian Renaissance during the first ten years of the sixteenth century, shedding light on the period that laid the foundations for the Golden Age of Venetian painting.

The exhibition will bring together roughly fifty pieces of art from private and public collections including work by artists  such as: Giorgione, Titian, Giovanni Bellini, Sebastiano del Piombo and Lorenzo Lotto.

Although little is known about Giorgione’s life, this new display is an opportunity for visitors to revisit his work and the legacy that he left behind. One of the highlights of the exhibition will be the chance to see Portrait of a Man (The San Diego Museum of Art). Known as the Terris Portrait, after the name of its former owner, the Scottish coal merchant Alexander Terris, it is one of only two known paintings bearing a contemporary inscription on the back of the panel identifying Giorgione as the artist.

Further highlights will include: Giorgione’s Il Tramonto (The Sunset) (The National Gallery, London), Titian’s Christ and the Adulteress (Glasgow Museums) and Titian’s Jacopo Pesaro Being Presented by Pope Alexander VI to Saint Peter (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp).

This display will be arranged and divided into four sections: Portraits, Landscapes, Devotional Works and Allegorical Portraits. By arranging the exhibition this way, it will allow those visiting a chance to explore the beauty and vivid use of colour that became familiar traits of Venetian Renaissance painting.

In the Age of Giorgione will be on display to the public from the 12th March until the 5th June 2016. Tickets cost from £10 (£11.50 full price).




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