The 1975 are back with a brand new album – but will it be as successful as the band’s debut release? 

The Guardian: ****Alexis Petridis wrote: “You’re left with an album that fancies itself as a challenging work of art, but turns out to be a collection of fantastic pop songs full of interesting, smart lyrics.”

Pitchfork:Laura Snapes said: “Everything about I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of itindicates that the 1975 have embraced girl love, color, and their boy band potential.”

Consequence of Sound: Collin Brennan found that the album: “s an album that takes time and commitment to digest, and one can’t help but think there’s something self-conscious about that.”

Rolling *** Jon Dolan commented: “Even so, when they hit the right kind of moody sheen (“Somebody Else,” “Loving Someone”), the 1975 are an enjoyable balance of desire and distraction.”

Music *** Andy Baber thought that: “the upbeat pop of The 1975’s début remains far less frequent on their return than many would have predicted.”

Digital Spy: **** Amy Davidson described it as: “a wacky pop album that will – and already has – guaranteed them radio airtime.”

DIY Magazine: *** Jamie Milton wrote: “Trim the fat and you’d wind up with a special record, but with those bizarre moments gone, The 1975 would also lose some of their bombastic charm.” “In a world of beige pop, we welcome this flourish of colour.”

I Like it When You Sleep, for you are so Beautiful yet so Unaware of it is released the 26th February. To pre-order visit Amazon