The show is inspired by writer and director SamBailey’s own personal history and explores the repercussions of clinical depression. 

Black Dog Gold Fish has been created by Parrot in the Tank in collaboration with Barrel Organ’s Joe Boylan, Gaulier graduate Andrea Foa and actor and filmmaker Kyle Shephard.

The show premieres at the Hen & Chickens Theatre following performances at the 2015 Vault Festival and a period of redevelopment supported by the Arts Council England.

Talking about the show director and writer Sam Bailey said: “I wanted to make a show that dealt with depression, partly to air out the thoughts and discoveries I’d had from struggling with it through most of my adult life, but out of a sort of responsibility to create work that makes it more visible and accessible to audiences.”

In a crumbling aquarium at the end of a faded pier a troubled employee attempts to liberate the captive fish back into the sea. In spite of his best efforts he accidentally punches one of the fish to death and is thrown face to face with his own Black Dog; a goldfish with a silver tongue.
Parrot in the Tank are a London-based devising theatre company. Many of its members have worked previously with companies such as Punchdrunk, dreamthinkspeak, Coney, Inspector Sands, the Young Vic and Blind Summit.
Black Dog Gold Fish is designed by Anisha Fields and lighting designed by Sam Smith. The cast includes Joe Boylan, Andrea Foa and Kyle Shephard.
Black Dog Gold Fish will be playing at the Hen & Chickens Theatre from the 15th to the 27th March. 


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