LSO St Luke’s to Present World Premiere of Symphony to a Lost Generation

The world’s first feature-length fully holographic dramatic production will take place at the LSO St Luke’s from the 28th to the 31st May, before heading off on a UK tour. 

Symphony to a Lost Generation is a moving depiction of the human tragedy during World War I. It features 250 actors and musicians appear beside the Vienna Philharmonic Choir and Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra in Adam Donens epic symphony and drama.

Holograms have been used to great effect such as bringing Michael Jackson back to life and allowed Kate Moss to appear in the recent Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Now it is being used to form the basis of a theatrical stage production, featuring a brand new symphony by composer Adam Donen. Symphony to a Lost Generation brings together classical music, dance, drama and archival film, treating the conflict as a series of individual stories.

The cast list includes: the Vienna Philharmonic Choir, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, the Grammy-winning New London Childrens Choir, Russian soprano Yana Ivanilova , prizewinning conductor Martynas Staškus, Ernesto Tomasini  and Minako Seki.

Everyone performing in the production will appear as holograms, allowing the show to tour to UK regions as well as smaller towns and cities around the world.

Talking about the production composer and director Adam Donen said: “With Symphony to a Lost Generation, I sought to show the living presence of the First World War in our time, and the extent to which the world it created continues to reverberate in our lives today. I sought to make use of every art-form and technology at our disposal – holograms in particular – to create a comprehensive picture of that awful time. I wanted to democratise epic art: to create a work on the scale of performances in the great capitals’ opera houses that would not remain trapped in such gilded cages, and could be taken to small towns and cities across the world.”

The creative team also involves: visual director Mikael Jaeger Jensen and one of the worlds foremost music producers, Robert Harder. 

Symphony to a Lost Generation is on at the LSO St Lukes from the 28th to the 31st May, before heading off on a UK tour. For more information on the tour dates and to book tickets visit:

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