PREVIEW: Ape Forgets Medication @LondonNewcastle project

This is the first exhibition from the author and performer Jonathan Meades, with works ranging from monochrome to gaudy…

IKB Struggles. 

Arriving at the space from the 7th to the 27th April, the exhibition will reveal how Meades has a horror of explanation – but at the same time won’t begrudge anyone who has a plausible explanation of what it is ‘about’.

It is subtitled as an exhibition of treyfs and artknacks. Figuratively, treyfs signifies impurity – which is something that can be seen in Meades work – both consistently and deliberately impure. His art combines contradictory elements and he manages to fuse opposing idioms to create work that is refreshing and vibrant.

Meanwhile artknack suggests art that is worthless and a scam, which reflects the many methods that the artist uses – which can be considered to be inauthentic. It means that there is a mass of contradictions to be found in his work, all the while making the viewer wonder if there is meaning behind it or it is purely a piece that has been created for the enjoyment of the artist.

The work on display in this first exhibition from Jonathan Meades range a whole variety ideas such as myth to abstraction, from the gutter to the dodgily numinous, from domestic proportions to as large as you can get.

Ape Forgets Medication: An exhibition of Treyfs and Artknacks opens at the LondonNewcastle project in Shoreditch from the 7th to the 27th April. 

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