Review Roundup…High-Rise

Tom Hiddleston is certainly the name on everybody’s lips at the moment from being tipped to becoming the next James Bond and starring in BBC’s The Night Manager – but what is his latest film High-Rise like? 

The Guardian: ****Mark Kermode called it: “Wheatley and Jump’s boldly cinematic take on Ballard.”

The Telegraph: ****Tim Robey wrote: “There’s almost nothing Ben Wheatley gets wrong in High-Rise, his coolly immaculate film of the JG Ballard science-fiction classic.”

NME:*** Olly Richards said: “There’s no question that Wheatley has the skills to direct on a large scale, but here his narrative rattles around in too much space.”

The Independent:**** Geoffrey Macnab found that: “This, though, is visionary film-making, wildly ambitious, very caustic and hitting the bull’s eye of almost every target in its sights.”

The Financial Times: Nigel Andrews commented that: “After this dream project let’s get back to the poetic nightmares, sleeker and more crafted, with which Wheatley used to awe us.”

Evening Standard: ***David Sexton described it as: “a show, an installation almost, rather than a movie, a vision better conveyed in Ballard’s own hypnotic prose.”

The Quietus: John Grindrod wrote: “Hiddleston is perfect as Laing, one of Ballard’s dessicated, blank anti-heroes, the control freak professional pushing his boundaries in a lawless, morality-free zone.”

Yorkshire Post: Tony Earnshaw said: “This is filmmaking that powerfully channels the source material and does so viscerally and proudly.”

The Mirror: ** David Edwards was disappointed saying: “This is an arch, icy film whose visuals more than once recall the tonal styles of Stanley Kubrick – but it’s also a movie that seems to take pleasure in distancing itself from its audience.”

Empire: ****Nev Pierce called it: “This is a dazzling, troubling, ugly and unsettling film.”

The Spectator : Deborah Ross was not impressed describing it as: “deeply, deeply unpleasant.”

Culture Whisper:*** Roxane Barsky found: “Jumbled and confused, High Rise is unlikely to retain longevity after its release.”

Londonist: **** Stuart Black  commented: “the final result is a broken-backed tale that will alienate a lot of viewers.”

Herald Scotland: *** “While Wheatley works a visual marvel in creating a veritable Trump Tower of dystopian mayhem, the politics of the piece are more bungalow-like.”

Radio Times:*** Stephen Carty said: “High-Rise is funny and violent, combining dry, witty dialogue with moments of vicious brutality.”




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