Review Roundup… Mind of Mine by Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is first out of the starting blocks with a solo album – but is it a strong effort from the former member of One Direction? 

The Guardian: **** Michael Cragg thought: “The lasting impression of Mind of Mine, however, is of someone finally making the music they’ve wanted to make for a long time.”

Hollywood Life: Lauren Cox wrote: “Zayn’s album is just the beginning of a very long, lucrative solo career for the former boy-bander.”

IB Times: *****Alicia Adejobi said: “It’s the real Zayn Malik with no frills, no strings attached and if this is what he has been stifling for the last five years, then the music world should brace themselves.”

Digital Spy: ****Lewis Corner commented that: “he has genuinely put together a slick debut album that deserves success on its own merit.”

Consequence of Sound:  David Sackllaah was less enthusiastic saying:”Mind of Mine is largely an intriguing debut marred by a number of poor choices throughout.”

Rolling Stone: ***Brittany Spanos found: “His range and vocals shine, from the clipped phrasing of “She” to the booming falsetto belt on “Befour.”

Sugarscape: **** (and a half) Carl Smith said: “He’s successfully made the transition from boy band member to credible musician.” Jon O’Brien  wrote: “Mind of Mine proves that Malik can now stop trying so hard.”

Slant Magazine: ** (and a half) Alexa Camp wasn’t enthusiastic saying: “slick beats and merely competent balladeering do not a revelatory debut make.”

The Independent: ****Andy Gill was positive about the album commenting that: “The material sticks closely to the standard R&B playbook, with dreamy romance shading into more erotic territory.”

USA Today: Maeve McDermott said: “Mind of Mine succeeds as a catchy, sexy and fully modern take on contemporary R&B.”

Irish Times:*** Lauren Murphy wrote: “A great, expressive voice will only get you so far, but it is certainly worth watching how Malik’s career progresses.”

Mind of Mine is released today and is available to buy through Amazon now. 



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