James Norton and Kate Fleetwood star in this revival of Tracey Letts’ play exploring two people on the edge – but  were the critics on the edge of their seats? 

BUG-FINAL-SIMONBILLING-2The Guardian: *** Lyn Gardner found: “while Norton and Fleetwood are both individually good, their relationship doesn’t have the incendiary whiff necessary for it to catch alight and make you really care about them.”

Radio Times: Tony Peters was enthusiastic saying: “The intimacy between cast and audience adds an extra frisson and, in the end, you really can’t imagine this play being performed anywhere else.”

The Upcoming: ***Edward Till wrote: “Bugmakes for an imperfect but memorable experience.”

The Reviews Hub: **** Scott Matthewman was also impressed saying: “Norton’s measured performance elicits sympathy even as his character begins to reveal his fractures.”

Londonist: *** Stuart Black commented that: “As a study of troubled people at the bottom of the food chain Bug lacks insight and subtlety, but as a creepy exploitation chiller it just about does the job.”

Jonathan Baz.com : ***** Will Clarkson described the play as: “a thrilling piece with universal themes that strike relevant chords for a modern audience and here is performed with real panache by a top-notch cast.”

The Telegraph: **** Dominic Cavendish said: “The US playwright shows in microcosm how ‘cult’ mentalities and loyalties take hold.”

The Gay UK: *****Chris Bridges wrote: “Credit has to go to director Simon Evans for bringing this twenty-year-old piece to life and making it feel so fresh, vibrant and relevant.”

British Theatre Guide: Philip Fisher thought that: “Bug is an intentionally nasty play that can be tough to watch but will show viewers new sides to the marvellous acting duo of Kate Fleetwood and James Norton.”

WhatsOnStage: ****Matt Trueman found: “Bug had currency 20 years ago, but it feels all the more potent in an age of dodgy dossiers and digital spying. It’s still pulp fiction but it’s got real purpose.”

Live Theatre UK: **** “Norton and Fleetwood offer a tour de force of technical acting.”


Bug is on at Found 111, along Charing Cross Road until the 7th May. For more information and to book tickets visit: http://found111.co.uk/bug/


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