Directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Moonwalkers asks the question what if Apollo 11 never made it?

Starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) and Ron Perlman (Hell Boy, Hand of God), the film wonders what if Stanley Kubrick secretly shot the now famous images of the moon landing in a studio working for the US government.

This is the theory and setting for the film which takes audiences back to the 1960’s London, where a stubborn CIA agent is forced to team up with the lousy manager of of a rock band to develop one of the biggest cons of all time.

The film is set for release on DVD from the 30th May. Here is what some of the critics made of the film:

The Guardian: “some decent performances from Gint as Jonny, the hapless manager of a terrible rock band, a swivel-eyed Pearlman afflicted by flashbacks from Nam and Robert Sheehan as the permanently wasted friend Leon dragooned into standing in for Kubrick.” “Yet there’s some good stuff in his work. His pisstake broad representation of ’60s hippie pop art culture is simplistic but amusing nevertheless.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Antoine Bardou Jacquet’s debut wears its Guy Ritchie influence on its sleeves, but its mayhem doesn’t crackle as Ritchie’s early films did.”

Moonwalkers will be released on the 30th May and is available to preorder through Amazon now. 



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