Review Round Up…In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel @Charing Cross Theatre

This revival of Tennessee Williams’ play is directed by Robert Chevara and stars Linda Marlowe – but what have critics thought of it so far? 


Broadway : Gary Naylor wrote: “There’s always an audience for the kind of misery attendant on people grown apart, and there’s an acidity to the language and nuance in the acting that lifts this material well above a storyline in an upmarket soap opera.”

Live**** “Well worth seeing for the remarkable Linda Marlowe – and for a chance to give Tennessee Williams a different moment in the sun.”

The Upcoming:  ***Luisa Kapp commented that the production: “captures its audience with a unique tale of the dark side of fame and success, and affords the viewer a glimpse into the psyche of a desperate wife and an even more desperate artist.”

London Theatre 1: **** Terry Eastham said: “This may be one of Tennessee Williams’ least well-known plays, but it should not be forgotten about and is definitely well worth seeing.”

The Reviews Hub: ** (and a half) Maryam Philpott found: “In the Bar of the Tokyo Hotel is a chance to see a rare and fascinating piece of Williams’ later writing that deals with the costs of artistic temperament for the artists and those around them.”

West End Wilma:** “The direction, by Robert Chevara (whose previous production of Tennessee Williams ‘Vieux Carre’ is still one of the best plays I have ever seen) was brave and interesting but ultimately didn’t work for this type of audience.” : ***Jane Kemp wrote: “Director Robert Chevara is a Tennessee Williams specialist, and together with this spirited and committed cast, he has created a strong show that manages to maintain its momentum despite the staccato dialogue style and the long monologues.”

In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel is on at the Charing Cross Theatre until the 14th May 2016. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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