PREVIEW: Paul Wager @Dadiani Fine Art

The London based gallery will be presenting the work of Paul Wager from the the 15th April to the 31st May. 


As an experienced artist, his work is considered to be tough and uncompromising images of war, insurrection and the human bid for freedom.

The twenty works that he has constructed, using steel armatures, are the result of the hands on approach, which brings up thoughts of engineering and the almost lost Northern Industrial Heritage.

His work, which is well crafted, shows a person with a critical mind and who doesn’t shrink from expressing his view of the status quo through his art.

This current exhibition ‘The Mask of Anarchy’ is loosely based on Ulrike Meinhof’s ideologies “Protest is when I say I don’t like this. Resistance is when I put an end to what I don’t like.”

Wager is from Hartlepool, where he lives and works. He was proposed to become a Royal Academician by a fellow sculptor, Michael Sandle but  was not accepted because he is very antiestablishment.

The Mask of Anarchy will be on display at the Dadiani Fine Art from the 15th April to the 31st May. For more information visit:

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