Maureen Lipman and Katie Brayben star in Charlotte Keatley’s play about the relationships between mothers and daughters opened at St James Theatre last night – but what has the reaction been? 

My Mother said.jpeg

The Guardian: ***Michael Billington thought that: “in Paul Robinson’s impeccable revival, it strikes me as warm, witty and well structured, but also wordy.”

The Upcoming:***** Stuart Boyland was impressed writing: “This chemistry, experienced in combination with the primal authenticity at work in Keatley’s writing, makes for an outstanding piece of theatre.”

WhatsOnStage: *** Lucinda Everett commented that: “Director Paul Robinson’s vision is nothing if not courageous”

Theatre Cat: **** “There are many such moments, superbly underwritten but devastating, as the story unfolds.”

British Theatre Guide: “It is easy to see why Paul Robinson wanted to revive a drama that is filled with heart and soul for his production company Tiny Fires.”

There Ought to be Clowns: “London theatregoers should never have to wait this long again to see this powerful play revived, especially in as lucid and sensitive a production as this – from Tiny Fires comes big results.”

Traffic Light Theatregoer: “the production always manages to recover its equilibrium quickly and this absorbing, sometimes very funny, evening in the theatre.”

My Mother said I Never Should runs at St James Theatre until the 21st May. To book tickets visit: Discount Theatre.comTheatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK