This final book in the Crossfire series is a fitting end – but was it strictly necessary? 

Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series has proved immensely popular with readers all over the world but now its time to say goodbye to Eva and Gideon in this final instalment – which is just as eventful as the first.

With Gideon’s enemies gathering around him and trying to wreck his marriage, Eva is trying to find her own way that allows her to support Gideon without giving up on her independence.

It is the way in which Day has handled these characters from day one – adding a lot more emotional depth to both that allows them to be a lot stronger than other characters in other books in a similar genre (not naming names of course). The way they are as individuals and the way they break down barriers individually is equally fascinating s the way in which they conduct themselves as a couple.

But, there is still a feeling on whether this book was really necessary and the reader can’t help but feel that many of the loose ends covered in One with You could have been tied up in the last novel more effectively. It feels as though it takes just a little bit too long to get to the resolution that is needed.

However, it is interesting to see that although Gideon and Eva have come far as a couple and begin to relax into their changing personalities, Day doesn’t automatically give them a child to handle, seemingly understanding that this is something that both characters wouldn’t be able to handle just yet.

The book is as much a love story about the glitz and glamour of New York City and once again the vivid descriptions of the life that all of the characters lead also help to draw the reader into the different world that many people don’t get to experience.

Written with great style as with the other novels in the series, One With You has plenty to recommend in it and is a fitting ending to the immensely popular series.

One With You is available to buy now


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