Katy B returns with her third album Honey. But what how has the album been received by critics? 

The Guardian: *** Kitty Empire said: “A cast list as long as Honey’s inevitably produces a patchwork. Some tunes are so uneventful you wonder why they bothered.”

Spin: Eve Barlow wrote: “Her vocals dance around the beats as gloriously as ever.”

Renowned for Sound:**** (half) Christopher Bohlsen described it as: ” Like an expertly mixed radio show, the 52 minutes of Honey absolutely fly by, as the variety, and the sheer force of Katy B’s likability meld together into a perfect snapshot of what UK dance music can be.”

DIY: *** “even when her experiments fall a little short, Katy B consistently makes clear strides forward, exploring all sorts of new avenues along the way.”

Skiddle.com: “this feels a classier, more mature Katy – Kate Simko’sorchestration influence exemplifies this on effort she produces alongside Jamie Jones ‘Dark Deleirum’.

Loud and Quiet: “while ‘Honey’’s best moments come when Brien is made to feel integral rather than auxiliary, its worst resemble grinding gears.”

Sputnik Music: ** “her voice seems modeled by soul and RnB influences and would work well in a much flexible and expressive genre. In here her voice appears restrained and limited by the precision and mechanical nature of electronic music. ”

Honey is available to buy and download now



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