Review Round Up… Show Boat @New London Theatre

Transferring down south after its successful run in Sheffield and directed by Daniel Evans – can the show stay afloat or does it sink? 

The Telegraph: ***** Dominic Cavendish urged: “You may be cynical about the call, but honestly: all aboard! You won’t regret it.”

London ***** Mark Shenton praised the production saying: “It’s a miracle of a production for a miracle of a show. Bravo!”

WhatsOnStage: ***** Sarah Crompton wrote: “The overall grip never slackens, with Alistair David’s lively choreography, and Tom Brady’s sumptuous music direction driving the pace.”

West End Whingers: ***** “They’re superbly sung, especially by Gina Beck as Magnolia, Sandra Marvin as Queenie, Chris Peluso as (giggle) Gaylord and Emmanuel Kojo as Joe who gets to deliver a beltingly heartfelt rendition of the iconic “Ol’ Man River””

Evening Standard: **** Fiona Mountford commented: “Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein’s 1927 work set the template for the musical as we know it, and 90 years on it’s still a knockout, above all for its soaring songs.”

London Box : **** Christian Durham found: “as a great example of the birth of musical theatre, it is worth getting on board this Show Boat.”

Theatre Cat:***** “you won’t help loving this stunning, flawless, celebratory production.”

Time Out: **** “this stirring, expensive revival of the first great American musical.”

Show Boat is booking at the New London Theatre until the 7th January 2017. To book tickets visit:, Discount, Theatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK

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