This debut album of work for the piano from composer Luke Navin, show plenty of potential but feels ultimately cautious in its approach. 

Luke Navin’s album as the title suggests, looks at the different stages of love from ‘First Sight’ all the way through to ‘Grief’ and captures all the emotions that each stage brings with it through the power of music.

It is very simple in style and as the content suggests extremely heartfelt and sincere from the softness and initial happiness of ‘First Sight’ to the conclusion ‘And in the End’, with each composition have plenty of rise and fall that creates a richness of sound, thanks to the understated performance of Luke Navin.

The tracks ‘Infatuation’ and ‘Grief’ are particular standouts that really get to the heart of what it means to be at those stages in love, with Navin showing great understanding and respect.

However, at times Navin’s precise playing can sound a little bit cautious as if he is holding back from letting go and fully engaging with the music such as on ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ which sounds oddly cold in comparison to ‘Lovestruck’, which is much fuller in sound.

But there is still lots to enjoy about the album, not least the talent that this album seems to showcase to the full and with a little more experience, there will be no doubting on how far Luke Navin will rise.

7 and a Half Visions of Love is available to buy and download now


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