The Ovalhouse Theatre will concentrate on their passion for finding and supporting imaginative voices for their latest season of work. 

This latest mini-season will feature  Seiriol Davies’s  How to Win Against History  (21st-23rd July) – a piece which the Ovalhouse has supported since its original inception as a FiRST BiTE in 2014. It is now being presented as a full length costume drama musical production about  Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquis of Anglesey.

The season will also see five new FiRST BiTES, the theatre’s programme of new works in development. This programme offers audiences an opportunity to offer their feedback to help shape what each piece will become. These new BiTes are as follows:

4Women by Loud Talkin’ (12th May)

A new play inspired by Nina Simone’s song Four Women, it tells the story of four generations of British women who come together to save their 21st Century descendant.

Sister by Alex Groves and Rebecca Hanbury (27th May)

An outpouring of memories – some tender, some comic, and others painfully raw- this bold new production gets right to the heart of family life.

Strawberry Vale by 9 Grams of Moon (30th June – 2nd July)

A new multimedia production exploring the lines of fantasy and reality in an interactive world of projected digital magic, with frame by frame hand-drawn animation and original music.


ECHO_NARCISSUS by Emma Stirling and Nick Finegan (6th – 7th July)

This is a live and video performance based on the myth of Echo and Narcissus, told through celebrity interviews, Instagram obsessions and online personas.

Waking Beauty by Leigh Douglas (13th – 16th July)

Minerva Collective present a coming-of-age fairytale for the twenty-first century in a fresh look from an LGBTQ perspective at some traditional stories.

For more information on what is coming up at the Ovalhouse and to book tickets, visit:



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