NEWS: Something & Son Announce New Project

Company Something & Son have been commissioned for their next project titled The People’s Brick Company by the NOW Gallery at Greenwich Peninsula. 

brick company

The new art project will debut at the gallery on the 24th June and will provide visitors with an opportunity to make their own mark, by creating their own brick out of clay which will then be on display throughout the summer.

Londoners will be encouraged to dive in and dig up a clay ‘quarry’ located on the Peninsula to make their own bricks. The clay will then be taken back to the NOW gallery where it will be moulded into a unique brick and stamped with the initials of the maker.

These so called ‘Peninsula bricks’ will be left to air dry on a large rack in the gallery over the summer, forming a constantly evolving display- a production line of thousands of handmade  bricks. The end products will be used to construct a large kiln firing them all in one go in a public celebration on 17th September.

The People’s Brick Company will reveal the modest but important beginnings of Greenwich Peninsula, with the project embracing its location and the huge construction work happening on the Peninsula.

As the built peninsula begins to emerge, the clay bricks that people have made will  act as a monument highlighting the area’s humble and important beginnings that allowed for people to construct its first brick buildings. It offers Londoners an opportunity to get their hands stuck into the humble substance that made London into the world’s largest ever city in the 19th century.

The People’s Brick Company is open from the 24th June until the 18th September. Those visiting will be able to participate in the project every weekend from 25th June to August 4th. The project will end with a mass firing of the bricks on 17th September and The Brick Feast for all those who have made a brick in Peninsula Garden.


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