New Sculpture Installed in Marble Arch

Artist David Breuer-Weil’s latest sculpture Brothers is now on display in Marble Arch as part of Westminster City Council’s City of Sculpture programme. 

David Breuer-Weil's Brothers, Marble Arch, London 15(courtesy Sam Roberts)
Brothers by David Breuer-Weil. Image by: Sam Roberts.

The sculpture depicts two separate but connected individuals that are explicitly siblings. Meanwhile, the positioning of Brothers is significant as it is a human arch that shows the joining of two minds.

Yet, the sculpture is also a symbol of connection and resolution as much as it is about coming together and peace. Brothers is a suggestion that distances between people that used to be unreachable can now be connected in less than a second.

The artwork contains a deliberately textured surface that has become familiar to those who follow Breuer-Weil’s work. Commenting on the piece, the artist said: “The two figures are brothers and partners. But, they also suggest the idea that each person has two aspects – good and evil. I believe that every person has the capacity for both elements. I like the idea that when you communicate with another person you are also seeing a reflection of yourself, of your own humanity.”

Cllr Robert Davis MBE DL, Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for the Built Environment, said: “As custodians of this fantastic city, Westminster City Council is passionate in its efforts to turn Westminster into London’s most celebrated open air gallery, providing residents and visitors with a unique opportunity to interact with public art of all shapes and sizes in some of London’s most iconic locations.”

Breuer-Weil is famed for his monumental solo shows of vast painted canvases referred to as the Projects. ‘The Project’ was held in 2001 at the Roundhouse, Camden; ‘Project 2’ was held at theBargehouse, OXO Tower in 2003; ‘Project 3’ was then held in conjunction with the Ben Uri Gallery in 2007; and at the beginning of 2013 ‘Project 4’ was staged in The Vaults, Waterloo. Alongside the Projects Breuer-Weil continues to produce on a smaller scale works on paper, paintings and sculpture. Breuer-Weil has also become known for  creating  monumental sculptures which have been displayed in London including Hanover Square and Grosvenor Gardens and around the world.

Brothers is on display at Marble Arch now. 

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