This heartwarming story reveals how with grit and determination anything is possible – told through the eyes of a young dance group who each have had a difficult time in their lives. 

Entity Allstars  is a group of under 16 streetdance crew who dream of becoming the first UK team to be crowned world champions. Following the team’s journey from East London all the way through to the Hip Hop world championships in Germany, it shows the highs and lows of their journey – but also the strength of their bond.

Although it takes a while to get into, what emerges is a story filled with talent, passion and determination that is genuinely down to earth.

From the disappointments of missing out of competitions and team members leaving the group, all the way through to the highs of training together and growing in confidence. There is plenty to make the audience smile, even if at times some of the dialogue – particularly during the conflict scenes feels a little bit contrived and awkward.

The story itself is inspirational but the style of filming can come across as amateurish and the sound is all over the place at times.

But what does come through is how personal the journey for each individual is and how they all use dance as a way to escape from their problems at school and being able to prove themselves.

Ultimately, the film reveals the transformative power of dance but is just slightly lacking in finesse in the details – which probably won’t bother most of the audience, who will be touched at the obvious devotion and dedication that all of the team behind Entity Allstars have. It is inspirational.

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