PREVIEW: The Kreutzer Sonata, Arcola Theatre

A new production of Tolstoy’s The Kreutzer sonata will appear at the Arcola Theatre from the 6th to the 23rd July . 

Greg Hicks in The Kreutzer Sonata.jpg

This new production of Leo Tolstoy’s The Kreutzer Sonata has been adapted for the stage by Nancy Harris and will be directed by John Terry.

A man on a train is flooded with memories. Soon he is confessing to a terrible crime. But though his circumstances are strange, his claim is even stranger: that the fault lies with Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata…

Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Artist Greg Hicks will star in this production as the enigmatic protagonist Pozdnyshev, transferring from the Theatre Chipping Norton. It is his first London role since newspaper editor Morris Honeyspoon in Clarion at the Arcola.

Tolstoy’s short story was notorious when it was first published and banned in Russia and America for its radical views on marriage and sex. John Terry’s production  originally opened in September 2015 at The Theatre Chipping Norton.

Mehmet Ergen, Artistic Director of Arcola Theatre, said: “I am delighted to be welcoming Greg Hicks back to the Arcola for this haunting and intoxicating version of Tolstoy’s daring tale.”

The Kreutzer Sonata will play at the Arcola Theatre from the 6th to the 23rd July. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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