PREVIEW: Fagin’s Twist by Avant Garde Dance @The Place

The dance company reimagines Oliver Twist, by capturing the story of Fagin’s youth -where the streets are of little comfort and no easy redemption. The production will visit The Place from the 28th September to the 12th October. 

8  Fagin's Twist photo by Rachel Cherry.jpg
Photograph by Rachel Cherry. 

For this new production Avant Garde Dance have teamed up with dramaturg Adam Peck and writer Maxwell Golden, to add more layers texture and precision.

Fagin’s Twist is an ambitious new reimagining of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, which will feature five of the familiar characters from the original story such as Nancy, Fagin, Bill Sykes, Oliver and the Artful Dodger – but reimagines the paths of their lives and individual circumstances.

Avante Garde Dance’s Artistic Director Tony Adigun said about the piece: “I have always been excited by the idea of retelling a popular tale. I wanted to add a mischievous twist that would play with, and challenge audiences’ perspectives of a much loved classic.”

For this production the hip-hop  and contemporary dance group’s performers will be: Lisa Hood, Aaron Nuttall, Dani Harris-Walters, Jemima Brown, Joshua James Smith, Muti Musafiri, George Hodson and Sia Gbamoi.

Fagin’s Twist is an opportunity for audiences to see the characters of Oliver Twist in a whole new light.

Fagin’s Twist is at The Place from the 28th September to the 15th October. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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